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More Time on Task

University Prep believes that students need to devote more time for their studies to be prepared for the challenges of post-secondary education. With a longer day and longer class periods, students experience a depth and breadth of content delivery that would not otherwise be possible, while building their stamina.  From morning tutoring to after school office hours, it is not uncommon for students to happily spend a day at school.  We also provide an enrichment opportunity for our incoming 5th, 6th and 9th graders with our Summer Bridge program.  Our newly enrolled students will participate in not only academic classes, but activities that provide social/emotional support and relationship building. 



Data-Driven Decision Making

Students enter UP with a variety of abilities and previous school experiences.  Our schools assess reading levels, math proficiencies, and readiness for college preparatory classes and adjusts the curriculum to meet the needs of the learners.  UP uses the Integrated Co-Teaching model to support students with IEPs and has a varied approach to supporting students for whom English is a New Language.  All students have support and a pathway to success.

The curriculum is challenging but manageable.  It is a great way to push and expand the minds of young people.

-Lynette Perez, Class of 2021