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In order to accomplish the important yet arduous task of college preparation, students need and receive significant support.  Each grade has a counselor who stays with their students all four years.  They focus on the social emotional development of the student, ensuring that students are ready to learn.  They are also in constant communication with parents about academic progress. In addition to an individual counselor for each grade, there is also a separate college counselor whose sole focus is to support the challenging college application process. 

Peer Group ConnectioN

Both research and practice prove that trusting, supportive relationships in schools are crucial to preventing conflict, and a positive school climate may reduce students’ levels of aggression, violence, drug use, and delinquency. With the Peer Group Connection student mentorship program, we aim to foster supportive conditions for learning and provide opportunities for students to become leaders amongst their classmates. 



Our GatorAid Peer Tutoring Program utilizes current and past UP students as peer tutors, cross-age tutors and student instructional aides. In addition to improved academic performance and study skills Gatoraid Learners also benefit from the opportunity to interact with peers and older student role-models in a positive and productive manner.

Students serving as GatorAid Tutors or classroom student aides also benefit greatly from participation in peer tutoring as it strengthens and deepens understanding of the content they are tutoring, and fosters an increased sense of confidence, responsibility and empathy.